Offline Marketing Ideas

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Offline Marketing Ideas

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olmWith everyone’s attention seemingly on online marketing,  traditional offline marketing tactics are often neglected. While  online marketing is certainly key in today’s web-centric world, but engaging more directly with customers can often reach them in a way that the internet cannot.

If you are looking to grow sales, an offline approach can yield excellent results…especially since the competition is lower in that space.  Here’s a few ideas that just about any business can leverage, with a minimum amount of time and money:

1. Cover the basics

There are a few basic offline marketing staples that you should ensure are covered:

  • Signage:  Of the many offline marketing options, signage is almost always the most effective, and over time, it’s arguably the least expensive.   Don’t stop with just your primary signage either…make use of your business frontage to either reinforce your brand, or push specific products and services.
  • Newspapers and magazines: While the print industry has declined in recent years, it remains as the primary channel for offline marketing of products and services.   They can be especially effective if you’re able to find a niche publication that’s already narrowed down to the main demographic of your business.

2. Try a little guerilla marketing

Sounds like a gimmick, right?  It’s not.  Guerilla marketing, when applied the right way, can be extremely effective.

A few guerrilla marketing ideas:

  • Leave a few branded pens around in places where pens are in high demand…at places like the DMV, your bank, or even the US Customs forms counter when you’re returning from vacation.
  • Visit your local library and place business cards inside of books that might be read by your target demographic.  For example, if you’re in the B2B niche, books about opening a franchise would be a good choice.
  • Commission an unusual artistic piece, or sponsor a local artist.   Is there a local artist that does something that’s unique and attention getting?  For example, perhaps there’s a sidewalk artist in your area that you could hire to do something really unique and stunning outside of your business.

3. Donate your products and/or services

Consider providing your product or service as a prize for a local contest,  and you’ll gain some  visibility for your business and show off your support for the community.

Say your business does window cleaning…for example, you could donate a gift certificate for a free window cleaning to a local non-profit charity. They may choose to talk up your prize to their other sponsors.  And, to add a little extra bang for the buck, you could affix a small clear sticker to a lower corner of their front windows with your business name and contact info, like “Cleaning by Cleanco: 1-800-555-1212″.

4. Speak at events that match your target audience

Attending an event is a simple way to meet new people, share ideas, and build a little awareness about your brand. It’s even more impactful if you are one of the event speakers.  Find a local event  that’s related to your industry, and do a little brainstorming on a topic you could cover, and approach the event organizers.

You don’t have to kick off all of these offline marketing techniques all at once .  Just try out one of them, and see what kind of return you get for the minimal investment.

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